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The Mindless Midnight Show is a spin off, of the currently growing Mindless Morning Show! The difference is, this is our platform for loading up on raunchy, crude, dark, and just obscene humor of any and all kinds. We also take advantage of this by having guest come on to talk about practically anything they would like to, and we will discuss various topics with them and exchange much laughter! 


Sonja - Alien Talk

In this episode we speak with Sonja, who is an alien enthusiast! We tackle all sorts of topics related to aliens, ranging from the different species, the hybrid breeding programs, a few abductees, and what sex with an alien would be like, cause why not?!

Jonna Kay - Medium

In this episode we speak with Jonna Kay, who is a Empathic Psychic Medium! She is a genuinly kind-hearted person with lots to share! We hear from some people "on the other side", as well as discuss the fascination for midget porn! Great times all around.

KillaJ_09 - Twitch Streamer

A dear friend of Nick's, Jorge Rivero! He is also known on the streaming platform Twitch as KillaJ_09. We discuss some really funny childhood moments, as well as talk about his time streaming and what its like for him. All around fun time we all had!

Joe O. - String Theory and Space!

This episode we sit down with a good buddy of Josh's and talk lots about some more Space, Theories such as string theory, and the way particles move, etc. All good stuff! We happen to get a little devilish this episode so be forewarned! Enjoy!!!

Mike Gagne - Coast Guard and Horror!

In this episode we sit down with a 20yr USCG badass Mike Gagne, who is also a writer, and producer of a Horror Audio Drama Podcast called Boston Harbor Horror! We discuss a lot of what his years in the Coast Guard were like, as well as talk about his podcast. Nothing but a good time with Mike, and good laughs to share as he tells us some of his awesome stories!

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The Mindless Midnight "series"  as of Feb/2021 will no longer appear, and will instead be merged into the Mindless Morning and still be just as mindlessly awesome!